— Gold is for the mistress – silver for the maid – copper for the craftsman cunning at his trade.”“Good!” said the Baron, sitting in his hall, “But iron – cold iron – is master of them all.” Rudyard Kipling

A BEAST is born

This is how a knife looks like after hardening, but before tempering the steel. This knife is the BEAST 2.0, This needs no explanation...

3 brothers

A neck carry knife is how I carry a knife everywhere. The traveller knife of my design has a "3-finger" handle. Meaning you can hold it firmly inside a fist. This way you can carry a smaller knife with a 6 cm blade without the...

Babes & blades

Slongs Dievanongs, first lady of Belgian hip hop likes my knives a lot. I am her live sound engineer and we became good friends. Here she's posing with a Kiridashi knife at a party.  ...

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