You can choose between 2 methods of  knife making. Stock removal or forging. Stock removal will result in more “polished” & finished look and give you more control over the end result. Forging is hard work and will result in a more rough looking knife. There’s no difference in quality or performance. You can make your own design, but I strongly advise to keep it small. You can’t make a sword in 2 days! Please note that you will attend the workshop at your own responsibility, you will be asked to sign a “waiver of liability” before we start. Minors should be accompanied by a -family- guardian taking full responsibility. I’m fluent in English, French, Dutch & Spanish. My German language skills are a WIP…

The workshop is fully equipped with grinders, hammers, tools, steel, wood, handle materials, heat treating equipment, forges, etc…Bring your own dust mask (P2 or P3) and dress in old cotton clothing that you’re not fond off. You will get dirty! In winter dress warm. If you have your own working gloves & protection glasses take them with you. Also bring your own lunch. Price for this 2-day course is 495 CHF, everything included.




  • Sat 28/10/23 & Sun 29/10/23 (10:00-17:00) FULLY BOOKED

  • Sat 25/11/23 & Sun 26/11/23(10:00-17:00) FULLY BOOKED

  • Sat 09/12/23 & Sun 10/12/23(10:00-17:00) FULLY BOOKED


  • Sat 27/01/24 & Sun 28/01/24 (10:00-17:00)

  • Sat 24/02/24 & Sun 25/02/24 (10:00-17:00) 

  • Sat 23/03/24 & Sun 24/03/24 (10:00-17:00) 




This 1 day workshop will teach you the basics of making a leather or Kydex knife sheath. You need to bring your own knife as the sheath will be custom fitted to it. Depending on the material choices you make (leather, Kydex and hardware) to price will vary individually. You can choose different materials & options during the course.  Bring your own lunch. Base price for the course is 185 CHF.



  • Sun 07/01/24 (10:00-17:00)

  • Sun 03/03/24 (10:00-17:00)




Studio Blade

Lettenberg 9

8487 Zell/ZH



For info mail or call me (WhatsApp):
Mobile: +41 (0) 79 780 56 87


Knife making (2 day): 495 CHF 

Sheath making (1 day): 185 CHF 


Confirm you participation by:

  • Sending me an email ( with your name and the date of the workshop.
  • Paying the workshop fee. I will send you the payment options by mail. 

Please note that you can cancel your participation only 2 weeks before the workshop, after that no refund is possible. Exception to this would be a new  pandemic, zombie attacks or closed borders….

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You can stay in hotel Girenbad, that’s a 5 minute walk from the workshop. The surrounding area is beautiful and perfect for long walks. Zurich City is a 45 minute drive or you can go by public transport. If you need a ride to or from the airport or train station, let me now and I’ll pick you up. 


See you in Switzerland!