About Me


Studio Blade is a world class custom knife maker based in Switzerland. In a world dominated by mass production he crafts unique handmade tools for the modern day adventurer, hunter or chef. Distinctive top quality materials are used for his blades and sheaths. Combining modern techniques with ancient traditional techniques every blade becomes a unique tool. Studio Blade knives are highly sought after by hunters, chefs and collectors worldwide.

Founder of Studio blade Dimitri Turcott worked as a professional guitar player and recording engineer until he discovered he had a talent for knife making. Learning the craft as a weekend warrior his order book quickly exploded and that’s when Studio Blade was created. When he’s not travelling the world in search for knife making materials, you can find him in his workshop near Zurich obsessing over design details and researching metallurgic techniques. Being an avid outdoorsman, foodie, hunter and a globetrotter himself, these knives have been put to the test in real world scenarios and used by many professionals worldwide.



You can find the currently available knives in the webshop or visit the Studio Blade showroom in Zell Switzerland -only by appointment-. Available knives are also posted on Instagram and Facebook

Studio Blade Trapper carbon steel bushcraft knife