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 In a world dominated by mass production, I make unique knives.

The knives Studio Blade makes are user knives. They are used in the field, while hiking, hunting or in the kitchen. You can choose different combinations of materials and types of blades. Top quality materials are used to manufacture the blades, sheaths and handles. Every knife is unique and made in my workshop near Zurich Switzerland. I use many different techniques to make my knives. Stock removal, forging, CNC, handpolishing and waterjetcutting are all equally interesting to me. I’m especially focused on the metallurgical aspect of this craft. Heat treatment is the most critical stage when making a blade and I use all the advanced techniques available to me. Temperature controlled electric kilns, vacuum atmosphere & cryogenic treatment in liquid nitrogen are all used when the knives are hardened in my workshop.


12 years ago my quest began for the perfect knife to use in the kitchen, while hiking, long-distance travel and hunting. I decided to design & make a knife myself and have not looked back since. The quest for proper materials and techniques brought me into contact with artisans and professionals around the world. Making an object from raw materials always fascinates me. Steel alloys, traditional techniques, wood and plastics, the hardening and tempering of steel… The design, execution and finishing of a seemingly simple object gives me great satisfaction.


I can make a custom knife following your specs and preferences. You can specify handle materials, steel, leather colours, engravings, carry options & blade length. If you order a custom knife, please take in account there’s a few months waiting time before delivery. I work alone and I do not employ Chinese children in a sweatshop… Most of my work these days are custom orders, but sometimes I have knives in stock to sell. When I do, I post them on my website,  Instagram or Facebook.

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Studio Blade Custom KnivesStudio Blade Custom Knives