Studio Blade kitchen knife Santoku in Damasteel

Why you need a Santoku in your kitchen!

A Santoku is used as a general-purpose kitchen knife originating in Japan. “Santoku” in Japanese means  knife “Three Virtues” as this knife is a true all rounder: vegetables, meat, fish, etc… The blade was cryo treated in liquid nitrogen to fully optimise the crystal structure to 62/63 HRC. This is much harder than regular knives so this knife should be treated as a high precision tool and not as a bone chopper.

Falconry collection launch at ADIHEX 2021

Falconry collection launch at ADIHEX 2021 The new FALCONRY COLLECTION accessory concept debuts at ADIHEX 2021 with the bespoke falcon nomad set. Swiss companies Purest and Orlando Maroquinier, together with Studio Blade, launch a limited edition of numbered handmade accessories that bring unprecedented contemporary comfort to falconry expeditions, travels and...

Sub-zero heat treatment

Sub-zero treatment of steels is a relatively new process that is gaining acceptance and is becoming increasingly popular. Cryo treatment in liquid Nitrogen of higher-alloy and carburized steels is an additional step in the heat treatment hardening process. It completes the metallurgical phase transformation of...



I’m excited and honoured to be selected for the DAMASTEEL INVITATIONAL August 29, 2020. This event will be attended by world class knife makers that will show their unique culinary knives. I could use your support on this one. If you vote you get a chance to win a beautiful Damasteel® Chef knife from german WMF!


Since my friends @Bikeproject will be celebrating their 10th anniversary in April 2020, we decided to do a collab with them. They run an awesome bicycle shop in the center of Antwerp, Belgium. Studio Blade made a limited run of 10 Traveller neck knives with a twist for that 2 wheeling obsessed crowd you can always find in their shop.

Studio Blade sharpening set 2

My outdoor sharpening kit

A knife is by far the most important tool to carry in the wild. However, a dull knife is useless and dangerous. Knifesharpening is an art and an exercise in Zen meditation. Wax on wax off! Take your time and control your breathing. Remember, practice...