Since my friends @Bikeproject will be celebrating their 10th anniversary in April 2020, we decided to do a collab with them. They run an awesome bicycle shop in the center of Antwerp, Belgium. Studio Blade made a limited run of 10 Traveller neck knives with a twist for that 2 wheeling obsessed crowd you can always find in their shop. Bikeproject had planned the opening of PAVÉ, a bar completely dedicated to bicycle fanatics. Charging stations for electric bikes, special bike related beers, a parking for your bike when visiting the city, special edition crafted “bike”beers, rentals,… But then Covid 19 happened and everything was postponed. Buy a Bikeproject knife to support their project. These are hard times for small scale entrepreneurs.

The bead is replaced by a spare link for your chain and attached to the neck carry sheath is a Lezyne SV-5 multitool. The Bikeproject knife is a special edition of my Traveller knife. The handle is made of Survival Paracord. When you find yourself in an emergency situation, in let’s say Finland during your around the world trip, you can unravel the paracord and find tinder cord for a fire and nylon string to fish for food or repair your bags….





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