Moved to Switzerland, a new adventure!

Moved to Switzerland, a new adventure!

Yes, Studio Blade in Switzerland is a fact! It was quite an undertaking as we had to transport the complete workshop to Zell in Zurich. Moving all the equipment turned out to be quite an adventure. I completely underestimated how long it would take to be up & running again. But, here we are and we’re ready to roll. Studio Blade is now based in Zell near Zurich.


For any outdoor fanatic, Switzerland is the place to be.
The entrance to my new workshop.

Thanks to my hunting buddy Jiri who brought his international transport expertise to the table we pulled it off. I love camping but spending the night on a parking lot full of trucks waiting for the customs office to open was not a very pleasant outdoor event…

If you need an expert in international transport, check out Jiri’s company: WINTERDIENST

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