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The Journey of Life

One of my knives was selected to exhibit at the 2024 Homo Faber event in Venice! I am proud to be part of this edition! For this third edition, visitors will be taken on a journey through a human life, exploring life’s standout moments and everyday simplicities through the lens of craftsmanship.

Studio Blade kitchen knife Santoku in Damasteel

Why you need a Santoku in your kitchen!

A Santoku is used as a general-purpose kitchen knife originating in Japan. “Santoku” in Japanese means  knife “Three Virtues” as this knife is a true all rounder: vegetables, meat, fish, etc… The blade was cryo treated in liquid nitrogen to fully optimise the crystal structure to 62/63 HRC. This is much harder than regular knives so this knife should be treated as a high precision tool and not as a bone chopper.