Craftsman certificate

Craftsman certificate

I’ve been awarded by the federal government with the title of “CERTIFIED CRAFTSMAN” last month. I had to present my recent work to a committee of experts and they agreed on giving STUDIO BLADE this quality label.


  • In our fast moving, volatile world of today, I think this award is a very positive initiative.
    Proud our Belgian government awards people who :
    – understand and master the basics of what they are doing
    – preserve and further develop our primal technologies and crafts
    – explore the boundaries of their expertise, beyond our traditions
    – pass on their knowledge to others
    – run their business respectfully, understanding the vulnerability of our planet earth
    – inspire other people by doing what they are good at
    The dawn of a new generation… keep on slamming that hammer Dimitri !

    Let’s hope this award triggers more good ideas in the brains of our government members.
    It certainly did with those who granted this award to Sudio Blade 🙂

    avril 17, 2017 at 8:09 pm

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