Kiridashi design for SOMA restaurant

Kiridashi design for SOMA restaurant

A while ago I got a special request to design and make a set of kiridashis as tableware (i.e. small Japanese knife for craftsmen) for a new restaurant in Antwerp. After making a prototype, the design was approved and I got to work.


The restaurant is SOMA in Antwerp and has just opened its doors in July. Adriana Zafiris and Frédéric Chastro are the chefs and everything evolves around the concept of “quatre-mains”, four hands, four nationalities, four seasons, four menus, etc. I had a fantastic dinner at SOMA last week, highly recommended! Adriana & Frédéric are very talented chefs.

For the interior and decoration of the restaurant they collaborated with local artisans. All furniture & dinnerware have been handmade by local artisans.

All pictures are made by Vincent Lagrange 


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