A custom santoku with golden inlay!

A custom santoku with golden inlay!

This custom order has a very special story to it. I was asked by I-A interior architects to make a kitchen knife matching their exclusive STRATO handmade kitchen furniture.



As the furniture is made with burned Oak and messing inlay, they wanted a knife out of the same materials. I chose the most beautiful and the highest quality steel; Damasteel DS93X stainless damascus steel, with superior edge properties and highly corrosion resistant.


There was one extra request by  I-A interior architects;

“Would it be possible to inlay the knife handle with my parents wedding rings?” As we never shy away from a challenge, I agreed. Needless to say this was way out of my comfort zone… A goldsmith melted both rings and turned them into 2 hammered circles, which were inlaid in the burned Oak handle.



The knife will be on display BELGIAN ART & DESIGN:

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